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Bringing Quality Mexican Products To U.S. Customers.

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Who is Arsa Distributing?

We are a health product distributor who brings traditional and fan-favorite products from Mexico to the United States.

Our interest lies in improving the quality of life through medicinal items, beauty products, natural health products, and dietary supplements. It’s why we only distribute the best and well-known brands from Mexico, the ones that have withstood the test of time and several generations. Our products range from digestive health products, health supplements, infusion teas, natural soaps, shampoos, lotions, cough syrups, and more.

Serving the Whole United States

Located in El Paso, Serving the Entire United States

Arsa Distributing’s headquarters is located at the border between Mexico and the United States in El Paso, TX.

Although we are located in El Paso, we serve the entire U.S., shipping products cross country in a fast and efficient manner. Being located in the Southwest allows us to get products from coast to coast. We deliver to major stores such as Walmart and Lowes as well as dozens of local chains. Shoppers everywhere can have access to the finest Mexican health products around.

Health Product Distributor

We Specialize in Importing and Distributing Products to Vendors

At Arsa Distributing, we work with small and large retailers as well as supermarkets across the U.S. to bring them the products their customers enjoy.

We also distribute to local shops and family-owned stores. While we also sell directly to the individual consumer, our main focus is getting our products on the shelves of your favorite local store so you can have quick and easy access to these wonderful items at your convenience!

Our Value Proposition

As a health product distributor, we believe in the power of every one of these products. They are made with ingredients that have the ability to change people’s lives for the better. We also know that traditional Mexican products have a special meaning for people and a cultural significance. Many of these products have been around for generations and form part of the classical canon of household products.

Learn More About What We Have To Offer

The signature products we carry and import include the Eucalin cough syrups, fiber, and natural teas. Be sure to check out our over-the-counter information on medicinal products, health and beauty, and natural supplements. You will find an array of products. Find something for the needs of your entire family too, from specialty creams and shampoos to cold medicines, infused teas, and soaps. We have something for everyone!

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Contact Us For All Your Health Product Needs

If you have questions about our services or would like more information on how to get traditional Mexican products into your store, please contact us today. We are located at 500 West Overland, Suite 250N, in El Paso, Texas and can be reached at (915) 842-9676.